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Magic Eye Focal Meditation Sessions

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"Fount Of Awakening" Meditation Session
Magic Eye Transcendentals for Focal Meditation

Based on 3D pictures (Dynamic 3D Stereograms)

A 60 min audio visual meditation session with binaural beats that present Immersive Alpha - Theta Brain Waves Stimulation. This Video has been designed to help Explore your mind by entering a meditative state of consciousness through extreme focus and concentration.

Breath of Universe DVD When working with "Fount Of Awakening" you will:
ballLearn how to shift your consciousness so your mind is able to work differently to perceive the reality that's embedded inside the pixel pattern of a stereogram.

ballRealize that your mind acquires a new ability- moving closer to understanding our existence and gaining extrasensory perception.

ballMaster your concentration in a way necessary to explore abilities of your mind.

Designed for focal meditation, it can be viewed on your TV, monitor or as a projection onto a screen or ceiling.

"Fount Of Awakening" focal meditation session on DVD

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3D Stereographic Focal Meditation. Visualization of a Hyperspace.

3D Stereogram pic Mind Altering 3D Pictures used in Fount of Awakening

Term Hyperspace often used in science fiction to define multidimensional base for our space-time continium or space with non-Euclidean geometry. Hyperspace may also refer to Zero point Field. In my understanding this terms abstract formulation can be explained with the fact that very few people can actually sensualize what hyperspace can possibly be and even those visions regarding perception of a hyperspace are very different from one another.
According to quantum theory a Hyperspace, is something where and when everything connects to everything else. For me it seems to be logical that in order for our mind to evolve further and gain extrasensory abbilities, we have to get real sense of what Hyperspace is, and what we are in it. In theory, when perception of Hyperspace becomes part of our cognition system we will gain an abbility to use our intentions in a full potential allowing Telepathy, Psychokinesis, Astral Projection and everything else that defines as an abbility to tap to vibrations of Hyperspace and manipulate those vibrations with an intent.
What if Stereographic Images are actually a clue that might help demistify how actual reality gets mentalized. Considering that our mind is a system that interprets waves and vibrations as a Space -Time reality similar to how it interprets rythm of music or visual pattern of a stereogram. When we view a stereogram, we actually perceive 2D image as space with an additional dimension which we perceive similar to depth. Stereogram Pixel Entanglementformulates space that only exists in our mind. If Entangled Pixels are closer to one another in 2D plane we perceive them fuerther back in relation to initial zero plain whan viewing same image as a stereogram. Experience of a Stereogram is an example of how we can perceive space with non Euclidean geometry. All that could mean that an experience of a stereogramm can help meditator to sensualize hyperspace.
Theoretically focal meditation with use of stereograms is a way to trigger shift of consciousness towards expending percepatory boundaries of our cognition system.
Taking all that into consideration Binaural FX team has designed "Fount of Awakening" - Stereographic Focal Meditation Session with tranquality stimulated binaural beat. With "Fount of Awakening" you are about to make a leap of evolutionary transformation of your mind, by learning how to focus and tune your consciousness to change perception of multiple rythmic patterns. "Fount of Awakening" is an experience that is impossible to describe with words, sounds, pictures or enything else, unless it is granted by your own mind. When working with "Fount of Awakening" initial goal for Meditator is to maintain presence of attention point in the simulated Hyperspace tunning to sharper more defined audio-visual experience. Meditator may experience the field connection between mind and reality presented with a stereographic image.
"Fount of Awakening" - is for advanced stereogram viewers. To tune to dynamic stereogram is more difficult then to experience stereogram as single stationary image. Indeed, people that are capable experiencing stereograms display pottential to develop extrasensory abbilities.

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Brainwave entrainment is considered quite safe except for the following people: epileptics; pregnant women; anyone who wears a pacemaker; anyone prone to seizures; or those who are photosensitive. The effects caused by this video have not been researched fully. If your experience becomes unpleasant, while watching this video, pause or stop. Authors will not be held responsible for anything this product may cause you or anyone else listening to, or in the presence of anyone listening to the product you purchase. Authors makes no claims in the product helping you with any kind of problems or medical disorders of any kind. If you have medical problems you should first consult your doctor. Do not use while driving or using heavy machinery.
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